Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Spreading me thin

I have just realized that this weekend will be my only weekend off until Christmas!!! Yet, this weekend I am on worship duty at church... I wonder if anyone can replace me for that? I'd like to at least have ONE measely weekend for myself.

- Work has been really crazy;
everything is due this year, and there isn't much of this year left!
travelling like mad, and somehow everything always falls on weekends!
and just a moment ago, I got d message that boss wants me to travel some more!
I do like my work but sometimes I wonder if the sacrifices I make are worth it...
- Then there's the recording album due...
- Church activities a-plenty approaching year end...

There is only one of me to go around.

I haven't seen my bestfriend in about a month!
I haven't gone out with my bf for something as simple as a movie in probably a month too!
I haven't gone to gym as much lately too, and I'm getting fat!
I haven't been to homegroup in ages!

I really need some me time... time for myself. I really can't wait for my long Christmas break. The I can hang a big neon sign over my head:


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