Wednesday, November 22, 2006

So I think I can dance??

Heheheh, with some practice of course I do!!!

Anyway, went for my 3rd Muhib-Boogie session yesterday and we learnt Salsa!! Only da basic steps but I that's guess good enough for Salsarina Wannabes like me! It's not like I'm going pro, kan? At least now I can go on to the dance floor and not look goofy! Too bad bf's never free to teman me go for Muhib-Boogie because it's during his working hours... it would be fun to dance with him. :-/

Anyway, here are some pics, pics and more pics!!!

Da guy in da white shirt, Terence is our teacher this week,
the one who's so fast and blurry, BB is our co-teacher

Couple 1

Couple 2

Couple 3

***Salsarina Wannabe not included. Am behind da camera mah :-)

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Anonymous said...

where do u learn salsa? i always wanna learn latin but donno where