Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dai Tau Har (big-headed prawn)

Did a few booboos due to carelessness over last weekends event at work.

Then, yesterday after having such a good time in Bodyjam yesterday... (I totally LOVE the new release!!!) I realized my locker key was missing. Searched and searched and asked every single person in d gym. No sign of key. Had to pay 100 bucks to get it opened back!!!

Today I realized my car loan deadline was last week!! And I've never forgotten to pay it before in my entire life!

What's with the "dai tau har"ness washing over me? How can I be so careless & forgetful? Stress? Too much to think about? Bit off more than I can chew????


ashley said...

hey girl...sorry to know that you had to pay 100 bucks to open up your lock. sorry ah...i was not much of a help that day. take care!

kt said...

u've been of great help actually... having a fren around in crisis always helps! also, u borrowed me ur phone wor. :)