Friday, July 01, 2011

Da-do Run Run Run, Da-do Run RUN!!

Not talking about the old song by The Crystals but all of us first timers managed to finish the Standard Chartered KL Marathon in the Half Marathon category last Sunday!!! Yayy for us!!

Chris, Chloe, Sista & me managed to conquer the dreaded 21km that we didn't quite have the time to train for. Hehehehe.

All of us took d shuttle bus to avoid driving into with all the roads closed, super early in d morning. The sun wasn't even up yet!

Along the way, sempat lagi I take some jakun photos of our good ol' KL the way we have not seen it before... on foot!! :p

When I saw the 20km milestone, boy did I RUUUUNNNN for my life!!!

Have never been so happy to see this tall flagpole before in my life!! :D :D :D

As I crossed the finish line, I saw the clock 2:31:xx.... shucks!!! I missed my personal target by slightly more than a minute!!
But the next day when the real results tracked via our RFID tags were out online, it was 2:29.07!!! Yippppeeeeee!!!! Achieved my target ya'll!! *spasm dance* Rank 179 in the Women's Open pulak tu... *extra hyper spasm dance* :D :D :D

Happy happeeee sista & me wt our medals

Chloe, sista & me with our medals!!! Yay!! We have earned the right to SS... woohoo!

Full marathon next year???? Erm... *gulp* tak nak pikir dulu la.

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