Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Actress... me??

Did my first ever pure acting job in theatre. I've always been a singer first, dancer second and an actress last. Never thought acting was in my DNA. So, even the acting jobs I took were those with singing and dancing involved.

But thanks to the lovely Alissa Roslan who casted me as her magnificent immortal queen... I have learnt that I CAN act after all. Through the games that we played before each rehearsal, I realized that I can embody and become a completely different person once I am engrossed in the character and the situation she is in. I even cried... which was surprising as I have always thought it was ridiculous that those Taiwanese actresses can cry so much. Haha. I could actually feel the sorrow my character felt. Weird but true *twilight zone music*

Anyway, after weeks of practice... finally... my debut as an actress.

Queen Ashalia, realising that her land is about to be conquered and her people has to leave her.
Chief Minister Graham
King Agares, the conquerer of kingdoms
Stab!!! Ouch
I am dying... there is no such thing as immortality

It was a really good experience to learn how to feel what the characters feel rather than just memorizing a bunch of words and saying them out faking the expression. The emotions real or fake, will be felt by the audience. So, acting is not faking it... it is believing and actually feeling it. It will make more sense if you actually try and do it. But I guess the danger is, can you always snap out of it at will?? Can you switch the character's ways, feelings and world on and off at anytime you want?

I still have a lot to learn in acting. This is just the beginning of another beautiful journey down the artsy path I have chosen. :)


Leonora Halim said...

congrats babe on your 'new happiness'! jgn lupa bodyjam tau... ekekkekkk....

Aragang said...

Round 2 - Short+Sweet Theatre! :) Keep it up, Karynn!