Saturday, July 02, 2011

Miss Mis - A Celebration of Two Legendary Musicals

If you're wondering what Miss Mis is, it is the combination of songs from Miss Saigon and Les Miserables... the two beautiful melodious musicals with stories so sad, you'd cry everytime you listen to it all the way. I know I do. So beautiful, yet so so so sad.

Once again Broadway Academy has organized these monthly recitals for us to showcase the school as well as ourselves... muahahaha. All thanks to our wonderful music director Dominic. :)

This recital was different from all our previous ones because, ahem... so many of performance arts world's who's who were there!! Can you imaging the performers i.e. moi, being starstruck by the audience? Eh... terbalik nie... Joanna Bessey, Janet Lee, Michael Voon, some producer dude from Broadway New York, all were there!!! Stress right?? But sure was exciting, performing with us was also a celebrity:
Douglas Lim!! Besarnya mata in this photo:

Moi, Shahila & Soon Yoon

The one & only photo of my solo, blurrrrr!! Sad!!


Crazee groupshot

Our beloved goddaughter Miaw also came to support us, never fail... every single recital she's there!! We'll miss her once she goes off to further her studies. :(

Isn't it ironic how we have 2 cat-kids with human names & 1 human kid with cat name??? Hehehehe

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Aragang said...

Looked like you had a great time! Keep it up, Karynn!