Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Glitzy Affair

Yesterday was the Media Preview for Malaysian Girls at Pentas 2, klpac. It was very well attended by the press, bloggers, sponsors and of course friends & family of the cast. It was my very first press preview in the world of arts and I was super excited!! Obviously I took leave from my day-job to get all dolled up to sing & dance!! We were back in Pentas 2 dressing room, just like during Short & Sweet Festival... de ja vu!! Doing hair, make-up, warm-up, sound-check, lighting, etc etc. It's just a 15min preview but it was a lot of hard work behind it for both the performers and the back stage crew.

It was a sneak peak into what Malaysian Girls is all about... What is true beauty?? What is a Malaysian Girl?? And how ugly can it get??

Here is your very own sneak peak into what's in store for you this December in klpac and January in penangpac!! Get your tickets here now!!!

The full length video courtesy of the delightful Gabbie frm klpac!!! Thanks dear xoxo

Here's another video (shorter & more Malaysian internet-speed friendly ;p) courtesy of Living Arts Malaysia

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