Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cheers to sistahood

Some years ago, I wrote a post about besties or chi muis in each phase of my life?? My first ever best friend from Primary School was the only one whom I had lost touch with when she migrated to the UK. Recently, in a very random and coincidental way... I stumbled upon her on Facebook!!! Yvonne had moved around several times across the European continent and if social networking site were never invented, it would have been completely impossible to have made contact ever again in this lifetime.

It's also amazing the we both still remember each other after 20 over years!! We are now keeping in touch via Facebook. Doesn't Facebook make the world a much smaller place???

As for the bestfriend that I had just met at the time of the post...... Hazel and I are still the bestest of friends until now. In a blink of an eye, it's been 4 years of sistahood... been through thick & thin together.  :D

Shared some mini-moments of fame
News Straits Times - 16 Feb 2011
The Star - 9 Feb 2011

Starved together (for a good cause k?? we are not anorexic coz we love our food! :p)

Run a marathon together

Cheers to all the chi muis of my life!!!

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