Thursday, October 18, 2007

Perfection, only from a distance

Perfection? Does it exist? Yes, only God is perfect... for everything else on this planet Earth, don't be so perasan ok?

I just found out that one of the new managers hired is younger and less experienced than me. Why is it that companies and people in general always view more highly of those new to them? Why is it that they would rather hire new people than promote those who are performing well in the organization?
Haven't I proven my worth to them? Haven't I been performing well all this while? Haven't I offered to take up additional responsibilities and did them well? Haven't I been working well with the whole team? Haven't I taken the initiative to continuously improve myself personally and professionally? Haven't I keep to the highest standards of ethics and integrity? Haven't I delivered everything I promised and even more?
Then why am I still not perfect enough for them? How perfect do I have to be to be somebody in this organization?

If anyone EVER perfect? Yes! When you see from a distance,
...the supermodel looks more perfect than you can ever achieve in the mirror
...the painting looks even more realistic than a photograph
...the mystery woman seems so much more understanding than your wife
...the family looks so happy and perfect, unlike your own
...the employee looks like the perfect fit to your requirements

Yes, from a distance everything can look perfect. When you come closer, that's when you start to notice the flaws.

So if you are in search for perfection, you will not find it. If you do find it, leave it alone or you'll ruin it with your own imperfections.

As Simple Plan says "I'm sorry, I can't be perfect!"

And yes, I am pissed!!!!

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