Friday, October 12, 2007

Break free from the jar!

My first class for my MBA was last weekend… a pretty intensive workshop that lasted up to about 11pm at night due to group work and discussions. But I truly enjoyed every moment of it! Am lovin' it!!! :-)

It was very exciting meeting a whole bunch of new people from all kinds of industry from all kinds of levels. It is always exciting meet new people, make new impressions on people. Making an good first impression is always a confidence boost! Suddenly I realized that being kept in cold storage by both the companies I have worked for so far, my confidence level took a deep deep plunge as I watch all my peers elsewhere, climbing up!!

I had accepted the strength and weaknesses my bosses have planted in my head without realizing that I could actually have hidden talents even in those areas of my “weaknesses”.

Found out that my learning style was do first then learn, am not a theorist or an observer. I am the doer. So, if my bosses have never let me take up a certain responsibility, how can I learn? And how can they say that something is my weakness when I’ve not done it before?

I’ve been in the same position for almost 3 years now. If I stay on doing the same thing; I will stop learning, stop moving forward, and stop growing. Bad for my self-development, bad for my career, bad for my confidence, bad for my emotional health!

So, if there is no change or growth opportunity in this company, there are plenty out there. If those around me for too long can no longer see my strengths, there are others out there who can. I need to widen my horizons and be on the lookout!!

Remember my grasshopper in a jar? Well, this grasshopper has been jumping under the lid for too long… it’s time to break free from the jar!!!

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Ipoh lang said...

Super love tis post of urs!!!
Read d earlier grasshopper.. Poor miss grasshopper indeed. People keep talking abt change but never actually execute changes including opening their closed mind.. Tis is common in da society.. Lids everywhere.
Miss grasshopper has to remember always, on her potential jump-height and even if someone putting d lid on her, she's courageous to break da lid n set free herself to discover n develop her full one promises it's gonna b easy, but must hv a strong faith with where's there's a will, there's a way!!