Saturday, October 20, 2007

Thank God for a family

Last nite was our first homegroup meeting after a long 6-week break. I didn't really feel much like going after feeling unappreciated at work. But I was on duty to share the Word, so obediently I went. What a blessing that I went!!

I was sharing on "Don't just live saved, live blessed!" But I wasn't at all feeling blessed at the moment. The words came out of my mouth mechanically as it wasn't from my heart.

Then we got into small groups to share and I shared about my stagnating situation at work which was really depressing me out. Andy and Flo also shared their similar experiences in their work. And how when God closes one door, he opens another door... in fact, a bigger and better one! He puts us through all the downsides of our lives for reason beyond our understanding. We are like ants walking on a piece of paper, we can't see what is on the paper but He sees the big picture. Someday, He will lift us up to see what is on the paper and we will undertand it all.

They prayed for me... somehow, I was more than comforted to know that I should never give up. With God on our side, who can be against us?

Flora and me!

Andy is d big guy with a big heart!

Thanks for being my friends guys!! Now, I feel so blessed... having you guys in my family of God! I love you guys!!!

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