Monday, March 24, 2008

Wedding planning

Finally found a place for the wedding banquet... unlike house hunting, this was a pretty easy task. We both practically fell in love with the first place we looked.

1. It is close by to our church. About 5-10 mins drive away. :)

2. Plenty of parking spaces. :)

3. Nice big banquet hall... :)

with huge glass windows overlooking some greenery. :)

4. Strictly halal; no headaches in seating arrangements! :)

5. The walk-way into the restaurant is pretty too...plenty of greens. :)

Pretty koi fishies!! :)

6. The food is good, I know coz our church had a function there before. :)

Am so excited!! :) :) :) :)

I'd better get back to studying... only 2 more days to exam!!

1 comment:

BlurChu? said...

Wait a minute...

Yeah, it's so familiar. The church had many functions and weddings here as well.

Easy for us (church members) to come lah. And a good choice!

Oh, congratulations to both of you, Yee Huey and Alvin!~