Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rescued photos!!

After coming back from the Cherating holiday with baby, my camera SD card went bust!!! All my precious photos were lost! Or so I thought....

But guess what?? Ta-da!!

A traditional cuti-cuti Malaysia!




the SS couple


All this thanx to my big bro Shahrul.... who saved all my precious photos. Luv ya bro!! Hugz!!


nat said...

Wow.. how'd u manage to save your pics again?

kt said...

dunno how he did it. but he has some software that retrieved my photos all d way back to last year!! :) lucky did not have any "naughty" photos in there... wahahahahah!!! ;)

Waterlily said...

buayan??? hhuahuahuahauaaa..... BUAIAN.... ;-)

kt said...

wahahaha!!! tak perasan pulak. dah lama tak guna, dah tak reti nak spell in BM... :p

Anonymous said... romantic!