Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mission Indulgissible

After our exams last Tuesday, it was celebration time for us Strathclydians. Our komplikated family decided to take a makan trip up north to indulge in some sinful food and celebrate together. There is Uncle (Chong), cousin (Jack), Ah Gor (Allan) and my sistas (Hazel and Jun Yi). Chris & Chloe, and also Vicky was suppose to come with us but ffk-ed at the very last minute. Hah!! Looking at what we've achieved in this mission, I'd say it it is definitely their loss... hehehe.

We left KL at about 7am and made a pitstop in Ipoh Old Town for some yummy Ipoh Hor Fun, Pork Satay and of course their famous White Coffee. Heavenly stuff!!

Sista enjoying her satay

After filling our stomachs we left Ipoh for Penang. The mission agenda was to have stomach refills every 2 hours. So, 2 hours later... we reached Penang. 1st stop was Bangkok Lane for the best Mee Goreng on earth!! I don't normally eat mee gorengs but this one is my favourite food on the planet! I never go to Penang without having it.


sista loves it too!

Ah gor & Junyi shared coz they wanted to cover more variety not quantity

For me, without the quantity, it won't satify my craving! Sista too! Gluttons!! But we deserve it as we've been really rajin to go RPM lately. ;)

The houses on Bangkok Lane are really nice and charming. Some were converted to shops and beauty parlours. One must be owned by someone with a green thumb, it was converted into a hutan belantara!

Sifu, me & sista in front of the hutan belantara wannabe

After checking in to the apartment we rented, we were out again... on our food trail. Next stop was Penang road.

Cendol, Char Koay Teow and Assam Laksa!

We even made the usual compulsory stopover at Ghee Hiang for some of their famous Tau Sar Pneah and Sesame Oil.

Ang gu gu... koochi koochi koo...proof that men never grow up! hehehe

You are only as old as you wanna be. And in this trip, I think we were all acting like 6 year olds. Hehehe. I think after the exams, we left our brains in KL to truly enjoy the trip to the max.

Later that day, we had dinner with Chong's friends and family at this place on top of the hill near Paya Terubong. Coolest parents we ever met... both with a crazy sense of humour!

Pretty sunset

We had seafood.... crabs are a must!

We then took the longer road less taken to Batu Ferringhi for some shopping. Nice quiet drive there. After shopping.... back to food!!

O'chien and otak-otak somewhere in Tanjung Tokong area...

The we headed back to the apartment and freshen up before heading out for some drinks and partying. However, we only stayed for drinks as none of us smoke yet the clubs there were all so smoky and full of la-la's. Hehehe... I think we will stick to partying only in Euphoria where we needn't suffocate while we dance! :)

This morning, we headed out back to Penang Road to Line-Clear Nasi Kandar. It was seriously good!! It was orgasmicly GOOOOD!!! I had nasi briyani with the mutton and some super sinful telor ikan!! It was the best nasi kandar I had for ages! Beating Kayu and Pelita hands down!

Coronory-disease on a plate! Mmmmmmm

We then left Penang using the more scenic mode of transport, ferry! Brings back a lot of old memories.

Sista feeling nostalgic

me & sista time-travelled to the 60's

The entire gang... ah gor howcome pose so girly one? hehehe

On the journey back, we stopped by Ipoh again as the gang craved for durians.... except for yours truly. Tak suka!! They had durians the traditional Malaysian way...

squatting by the roadside!

I just had some crispy apam balik and more white coffee! Our journey on the highway (both ways) was a mobile karaoke session!! So fun!! We should do this more often. Hhmm, imagine, just the end of a semester we feel this liberated.... I wonder how crazy will we get when we finally complete the MBA??? ;)

Mission accomplished!!!

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