Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Who got me to my cheese?

~reposted with ending~

Everyone has heard of the book "Who moved my cheese?" but I have my own little version called "Who got me to my cheese?"

Once upon a time, I had this boss whom I thought was a pain breathing down my neck, policing my every move. Pushing and pressuring me at every turn. Used to complain about it and got pretty annoyed with it. But like strong cheeses or durian, you normally hate it at first but it starts to grow on you. He started to grow on me. I started to realize this person was actually looking out for me. The more I realized it, the more he got off my back even.

Like a mouse in a maze, it could not really see the big picture. Which turns should it make to get to its cheese? There are many routes, and if it were to blunder its way through this maze, it would take twice or even thrice as long if it weren't for a human who was pushing or nudging it to take the correct turns. When it eventually sees the cheese within its sight, it knew exactly how to get there. By then, it was so close that the human no longer needs to nudge it from behind in order for it to run for the cheese!

This "human" nudging me "the mouse" was looking at the big picture and helping me reach my cheese in the fastest, best possible way. This "human" is Anish, my country manager. And this post is a thank you for being my "human" helping me get to my "cheese". It has been a wonderful journey and I have enjoyed this maze race. I'm really grateful and glad I had him to push me towards the right direction.

Thank you, Anish and all the best to you & your family in this new beginning! You will be missed!

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