Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Geong Xi is a Vamp

Hubby & I decided to give our first attempt at writing & composing a musical this year, for the Short and Sweet Musical Festival. So, we came up with "The Geong Xi is a Vamp"... a comedy about clashes of culture, parental expectations, and finding acceptance. Directed by our fellow Malaysian Girls casts, Freddy Tan and Siti Farrah Abdullah. They've put together a great team, musical director: Clarence Chua (our nephew) with his awesome team of musicians, casts: Malik Taufiq, Anrie Too, Lynn Goh and Alfred Loh... featuring Freddy Tan, the director himself too, and make-up: UiHua and Zef.

After watching the first rehearsal last night, we laughed tergolek-golek and are totally amazed with how they brought our story and music to life!!! LOVED it!!! We really wish we can watch it, but we'll be performing for Empress Wu next door concurrent with the Festival. We can only meet our beloved Geong Xi family backstage in the green-room.  

I really really enjoy watching words and musical notes come to life and developing my writing/composing skill could very well be my next passion. If it works out, it'll be the best solution to my dilemma of juggling the arts and the corporate world. Cake, oh cake! I may have you and eat you too??? ;-)

So, if you can find the chance to catch The Geong Xi is a Vamp, please do... and tell us what you think!!! :D

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