Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Stamp Tramp

I just totally totally totally LOVE "How I Met Your Mother". I iz a BIG FAN!!! It's so hilarious in a really witty way. They really amplify things that happens in our day to day lives and make normal stuff so super uber lol rofl hilarious. Clever gilababs! An example from this season is the Stamp Tramp ie. Marshall. Who gives his stamp of approval to anything and everything because he is just too too nice. While Lily, only gives her approval Stamp if something is truly worth her Stamp.

Marshall giving himself an approval stamp ;)
In real life too we all have the Marshalls and the Lilys amongst our friends. As positive and nice the Marshalls are, in the end we trust the Lily Stamps more anyway.

Have you encountered a Stamp Tramp? I definitely have. But that story, deserves a whole post. ;)

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