Saturday, January 26, 2008

30 year old rojak

Right smack in the middle of KL, there's still a little part of the olden days left untouched. Aside from the existence of the Monorail, there's this row of shops across the road from HKL on Jalan Pahang that gives you that feeling of the years gone by.

The shops are old and run down but still occupied. To complete the scene, there is this Ah Pek (Old man) selling rojak buah there as along as I can remember. I've heard people saying that his rojak is good but have never tried eventhough I've passed there a thousand times.

Yesterday I decided to stop by and buy a pack of rojak from this Ah Pek. His stall is those old type with the big black bicycle attached to it.

Ah Pek was very smiley and courteous :)

I asked him how long he has been selling rojak there, he showed 3 fingers. I asked him "30 years?" just to confirm. He nodded. I spoke to him in Cantonese thinking that's what most old people in KL speaks.

Right before I left the stall he smiled and said "ban ban chiak". Then I realized that he was Hokkien.

Isn't it amazing that someone doing the same job for 30 years and can still be so cheerful and pleasant? The simple joys of the simple ways of life!! :)

How was the rojak?

The verdict: Ho chiak!!

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shades said...

you look quite ho chiak too...