Friday, February 01, 2008

The wishlist gets longer

Finally, Toyota comes out with a cute little SUV that's affordable. The new Toyota Rush

Isn't she a beauty?

Sigh! If I weren't paying through my nose for my MBA right now I'd march right up to a Toyota Showroom and book myself one.

Sigh... gone are the days when I can just instantly gratify my heart's desires. I need a raise, a seriously big raise. But who doesn't?

In fact, am spending the whole day doing assignments today... and it is a public holidays!! :(

Can't wait to graduate, it better be worth it!!!

Well, at least the Rush doesn't come in pink... or any other hot feminine colour for that matter, so it's not that big a heartache la. ;)

1 comment:

Santhi said...

I prefer the RAv 4 from this angle..any idea how much it is? The leaflet doesn't say! Oh..I want one too! But like $$$ going elsewhere..hehehehe.