Monday, February 18, 2008

High flying me?

Been so busy lately with both work and my studies, my poor poor blog was neglected. But I've just submitted the Finance assignment today and I feel as light as a feather! In fact, I suddenly feel smarter about money... all these while I was too chicken to ever invest as I didn't have the guts to face the risks. But now that I can analyze the risk... that'll take the gambling bit out of investing wouldn't it?

However, because of this MBA, my disposable income is not enough to invest significantly enough to see results. So I shall wait... have a feeling good things are coming my way this year! Somehow am feeling very hopeful and excited this year!

My income is not the only thing this MBA is robbing me of, there's also time, sleep, brain juices...etc. But the ranking of my university has improved tremendously this year.

30th in d world!! Bangga....

143% increase in salary upon graduation?
Salary of USD113,071/year?

Oooh.... I want! I want!!! Would be worth all the stuff above the MBA's robbing me of now. It's all for a better future. I can see it now, nice house, nice SUV, nice holidays and a whole wishlist all struck off!!

I can't wait!!!

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