Monday, May 05, 2008


I really need to take a break from reading all that HR stuff or I will go mad!!

Hmm... now I wonder why did I ever wanted to study. If only I didn't decide to commit to this MBA:

1. I'd have an additional 50k to spend on my new home and my wedding.

2. I would have the time to workout like mad and get a killer figure for my wedding.

3. I would have the time to build my stamina and practise for the Bodyjam training.

4. I would be able to enjoy my new role at work and focus on doing all d new exciting things so well I'd get an award! It's been a long time since I've received one :(

5. I would not feel so stressed out that my skin get hideous breakouts!

6. I would have more time to blog and facebook.

7. I would have the time to watch my favourite DVD series.

8. I would have the time to catch up with good friends at the mamak.

9. I would have the time to learn how to play and sing all my fav MariƩ Digby songs.

But I have made the decision to study and I will stick to it. As they say, lolijin. Now, I just gotta rough it out these 2 years.
- Thou shalt not defer.
- Thou shalt not be distracted by thy hobbies.
- Thou shalt finish it in 2 years.
- Thou shalt get back thy life in 1 and 1/2 years time.

I can't wait!!!

- Oh, and thou shalt stop blogging now and get back to work on assignment!! :(

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