Sunday, April 27, 2008

Designer gown

Looking for a wedding gown? Why look outside the country when we have a host of really talented local designers. Their designs are equally creative, elegant & beeautiful!! I know, coz I have checked out their boutiques. :)

There's Beatrice Looi

And Melinda Looi

And the emerging designer.... Karynn Looi

Ok, am not quite a Looi yet but I will be when I wear the dress. Heheheh ;)

Here is what I have come up with... but to keep it a surprise, I have pixelated it. Hehehehe... it's P & C for now!!

Have even found a tailor but have yet to go for measurements and fitting. I really can't wait to see my creation come to life!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Babe, it looks like my dress ler..

kt said...

haha... perhaps d cutting same??? but doubt dat it'd b exactly d same, tis my original design le. :p

anyway babe, even if it looks similar it's ok, coz u'd b wearing it first. i can always make changes after that ;)

SC said...

I'm sure you got talent lar..most likely it's similar cos we like similar gowns?
Heh..I got mine made at

kt said...

great minds think alike!! :D
dat's why we asked u & hubby 2 b our mc. :)