Saturday, April 12, 2008

Slumber party

Hazel & I had a chimui slumber party last night. With a 3 week gap between the semester, this is the closest we can get to a school-holiday. Though we have to work, weekends are precious!!! So we decided to use it wisely.

Started with some snacks and movies. Chick-flicks of course!! Complete with love, romance and heartwarming scenes to make you go "aaawwww..."

Then there's our beauty regime...

Had a bit of a chimui heart-to-heart chat and slept late last night. Woke up pretty late this morning and went for a dim sum brunch!! Mmmmm... I still feel kinda full from that now. :p

After a gluttony session, it was time for some pampering. We didn't have much time as she was going back to her hometown this afternoon. So we went for just a short upper-body massage here...

The masseur suggested we do a back scrub detox thingy. Hmmm... "would it be painful?" "would we end up with red raw backs?"

The masseurs said no lah... we stupid stupid believed them. It didn't feel painful to me but it did to my Sista. And the outcome?

OMG!! Ugly red raw back!!

Guess no wearing bareback tops for a week eh? :( Hope my toxins are all out and this ugliness is worth it... hehehe. The massage was good though, felt so relaxed I nearly fell asleep.
Next weekend? The new semester starts and it's back to the books!! :(

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