Sunday, June 08, 2008

The spirit of Dance!

After 3 grueling days of training....
I passed!!! I passed!!! Yay!!!

It was physically draining but it was so much fun!! We had the 4 hour dance-school on the first to get us to buck-up on all the dance steps. By the second day, we were aching all over. But once we started dancing again, it seems that all the pain just disappears and we go crazy all over again! However, it wasn't just about dancing, we had to learn how to be a good coach, how to instruct and motivate people. A class isn't just about is about the participants.

When all of us were working hard memorizing the choreography and practising in front the the mirrors, it gave me the feeling that I'm in the one of those dance-school movies like "Fame" or "Step Up". Cool eh?

I got a nice smooth R&B track for the 1st presentation which suited me quite well but for the 2nd presentation, I got a hard rock track. Yikes!! Just had to throw the real me out the window and be the angry rocker instead. It's really cool to be someone else once you're on stage! ;)

Go Bodyjam 45 trainees!!! :)

And thanks sooooo much to Leo, our headteacher who was there for us all the way from the start!!! You rock girl!!


Alan said...

Congrats girl! I added you to my links! Keep in touch k!

clarissaCSL said...

Congrats Karynn.
I've linked you up too.
Keep in touch girl.

SC said...

Wah..I jeles..hehehe..congrats!!!

kt said...

thanx sc!
eh? jeles buat ape? u oredy passed ur BC berkurun-kurun lalu wat ;)

Kryptonite said...

Congrats!! :-)

I knew my other gym friends went through this training (wanda n nuril) but only know I know you aced it too.

Good on you!


kt said...

thanx faz! it was really fun!! wanda was d life of the training!! :)