Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The SS duo

Did some SS photography wt baby at the gym today... :p

Do I look like a Bodyjam Instructor??

Presenting my very own waist mic-pouch!!

Baby's gift to me... right after my training. He was holding it while waiting for me when I came out of True Fitness, USJ after the Bodyjam training that day. How did he know I'd pass? Awww... the faith he has in me.... isnt that sweet? That's why I'm marrying d fler. :)
Dah lah I haven't even been cleared by Leo yet. ;)

Perhaps a Jam-Combat joint class in d future??? ;)

Even got myself some wrist-weights to strengthen my arms. Arnold said I needed that coz my armlines are not strong or sharp enough doing Bodyjam. So I gotta buck up!! :)

My big and strrrong man!!

1 comment:

nat said...

Huh? You go to True Fitness, yet you're taking pics infront of Fitness First?