Saturday, February 27, 2010

This is my confession

Note: In my newfound addiction for Glee, please note that the title of this post is SUNG out not read. ;)

Anyway, lately there are a couple of incidences that has really got to me head and my heart. It really does bother me that most people take mistakes for granted. Rather than confessing, apologize, repent and redeem themselves for mistakes... the more popular options seem to be:

- justifying that it was right. NOT a mistake at all.
- shrug it off... "just a mistake, I didnt do it intentionally."

Do they ever think of the implications or outcome of those mistakes on others close to them? Does it have emotional impact on the young innocent mind of your child? Does it put your family in danger to crime? Do they even THINK beyond themselves when a mistake happens?

In order for us to grow into better people, we cannot think that we are already perfect. We need to be humble, admit our mistakes and work on not repeating it, consciously. Just like in Christianity, being a Christian does not mean that we are oh so holy and perfectly sinless. But being a Christian means we need to genuinely confess our sins and admit our shortcomings to God. Then can consciously take effort keep on working on being a better person because we love Him.

If we are not aware that we are wrong in the first place, how are we going to become better? How are we going to ever improve?

Unless of course, these people don't love anyone else but themselves... then by all means, justify or shrug off the mistake. Even if it affects those close to you, it doesn't matter to you, right?

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