Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Think With Your Heart

Finally have a little bit of free time 4 my much neglected blog.

Back in my school days, I used to love Debbie Gibson coz I thought she was very talented... She writes songs, plays the piano and sings. I loved her songs too as they were all about idealistic love, the kind of love that I believe in. I particularly liked the album "Think With Your Heart".

Coz I believe in thinking with your heart... well, at least as far as love is concerned. And I used to love the first song "For Better Or Worse", dreaming of singing it & playing the piano to my future husband one day.

My sister and I used to play the album really often... it was a cassette! (yeah, I'm that old...hehehe) But now, with the extinction of the cassette player, I couldn't listen to it anymore. And I was hunting around for the CD but since that album didnt quite do too well, and it is really old... it was nowhere to be found. :( Then I sorta forgot about it after a while.

This birthday, when I unwrapped the pressie hubby gave me... guess what I saw???

Now I really have someone to sing and play "For Better or Worse" to. :) :) :)

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sckhoo said...

Wow.that brings back memory.

I also think she is very talented. Went to see her in PWTC last time she was here, during my college time. That must be decades ago.

Thanks for the blog entry. :)