Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Bollywood Encounter

Since the completion of my thesis & the Mamak Mee Ah 2nd run in both Penang and KL, I suddenly had a lot of time in my hands. heheheh. Macam tak biasa. TV, gym, blogging, and a social life that is beyond facebook!

After years of MIA-ing from the Muhibbah Network scene, I joined this year's first mixer... ala Bollywood!

Time to get all dolled up & Indianified for the occasion...woohoo!!!

Some yummy authentic Indian grub.... mostly vegetarian. Only 3 meat dishes which were placed separately on a different section. Very good!!! Reminds me of those wonderful dinners @Anish & Gauri's.

Our wonderful hostesses, Michelle & Neera. Thanks for organizing this!!

Our very own talented & beautiful Ellyne shakin' her booteh Bollywood style.

It was nice catching up with some old friends, Ellyne & Nyza.

And making new ones, like d crazy funny Nazeen frm Hyderabad.

I love having time!!! :) :)

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