Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Playing the wrong part

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a beautiful pianist. She was a wonderful pianist who could play beautiful music that can touch hearts of millions. The orchestra recognises that she has an outstanding musical talent. They decided to groom her to become the orchestra conductor, leading the entire team to play a beautiful symphony.

They want her to learn the other instruments in order to grow her... one of which was the violin. It was obvious her talent was not the violin. She was struggling to play the violin and was not playing well. The orchestra directors had high expectation and hopes for this talented musician. They were very patient and forgiving towards all her mistakes in playing the violin. Being a talented musician in the first place, she can still get the basic right; rhythm, notes... but there was no soul in her violin sounds.

The pianist cringed everytime she hears her own violin sounds, everytime she hears the orchestra play together when she was on the violin. The symphony did not sound beautiful like it used to. The whole symphony is spoiled by her very own violin sounds. Although her director is forgiving, she is not happy with that sound. Being a musician that demands excellence made it even worse for her to hear an orchestra sound so bad.

Therefore, no matter how nice, forgiving & encouraging her directors in this orchestra is to her, she needs to look for a new orchestra. For one where she can play the piano, where she can be groomed to be the conducter with better and wonderfully talented violinists around to complement her weaknesses. Then lead the whole orchestra to play a beautiful symphony once more.

~The most successful people are those who know their strengths and weaknesses & find a role where they can use and sharpen those strengths~

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