Friday, June 10, 2011

A Dear John Letter to....

Dear Corporate Race,

It's been nice knowing you. You have taught me much and made me the resilient person I am today. I have ran the rat race well and have arrived at the place I thought I wanted all these years. Somehow, it is not as I have imagined. Perhaps I had imagined it wrong? Or perhaps I have changed "wants"?

Whatever it is... I have decided it is not what I am looking for and it is not what I want. I will miss some of the happy moments I had with you. I will miss some of the perks I had being with you. I will miss the pride & the glamour of what you have to offer. But little did I know that all that "high" comes with the price. A price I do not have the strength to pay for. So, I have to do what my heart tells me to. To be happy, I need to be at peace with my heart.

It is not you, it is me. I guess I had put the wrong or unrealistic expectations of what life with you would be like. Now I realize my mistake and I want to make this right. I think you will be better off without someone like me anyway. I can continue this race but my heart will not be in it and I know that will affect you too.

I wish you all the best for the future. Now, I need to take that leap of courage to step out of the familiar comfort of you so that I can finally be me.

Thank you for everything and we can still keep in touch. Take care old friend.

not the salesperson, the marketeer, the BUM, the corporate rat... but the real true Karynn. :)


Aragang said...

That's a brave step you're taking. What's next for the intrepid Karynn? :)

karynn said...

wanted to start my own medical products biz tapi tak cukup capital. so will start wt capital-less biz... sell financial products!! not exactly glamourous :p
but i will have time to perform more & start writing again!! yay! :) :)

karynn said...

hhmm... now feel like bukak online fashion store pulak. kakakaka. we'll see how it goes la babe ;)