Monday, August 22, 2011


Most big corporations I know has at least some kind of reference to commitment, be it in their mission statement, their company values or people strategy. Commitment. The culture or value they would like to inculcate is for their employees to put their work first on their priority list. Especially in Asia, people are proud to be staying back late for work and they boast of their important role that the company simply cannot live without them. Whenever you ask a friend out for dinner, for coffee or for drinks and a chit-chat, 9 out of 10 will be busy with work. That is considered "normal" here in Asia. If you are not busy with work, it means that you are less important or less significant in whatever you are doing, no?

Have corporations ever done any research to evaluate... is that commitment and the culture of going the extra mile truly beneficial for the company?? Does extra time or extra mile really translates to extra value to the company?

As a marketeer, creativity and innovation is key to coming up with new ideas. This is applicable for architects, designers, and any job that requires any form of creativity. Creativity needs to be inspired. Where then is one most often inspired? Within the 4 walls of your office? Or somewhere else? For me it is obviously on stage... where I recharge and refill all my inspirations for creativity and my inspiration for life as well. I am after all fueled by my many passions. It is not the commitment of extra time or extra effort that yields the ideas, but it is the inspired soul that yields those brilliant money-making ideas.

Remember Rapunzel's magic healing & youth-generating hair??
Once you cut it off to have all the whole length of hair to yourself, it loses its power

Your employee is that hair, their passion is Rapunzel and the company is Gothel. If they want the hair all to themselves and cuts it off of Rapunzel, the hair turns brown and loses its youth regenerating powers. So, the lesson is... all employers out there, please allow your employees to pursue their passions and they will in turn give you unlimited supply of their magic-youth-regeneration powers. hehehehehe ;-)

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