Sunday, August 14, 2011

Breaking a Vicious Cycle

Remember the virtuous vs the vicious work-rest cycle???

Well, I have a new vicious cycle to break... or to turn into a virtuous one. As you can see from my "heart's desires", I want a flexi-freelance job. Reasons for that are:
1. To control my own time in order to do more performance arts, yayyy!
2. To set my own pace, goals and objectives in my day-job rather than have these things thrust upon me.
3. To be my true self rather than conforming to what the corporate world deems a "proper" corporate citizen.
4. To set my own work culture, an office-politics and hypocrisy free environment.

How do I get there?? I need to start my own business... a simple yet practical solution. If it is that simple, then what is the problem??

Either I give up the number 1 reason I want this business so that I can free up some time to work on this business, or I give up my current dayjob and be super-poor while I work on this business. I can't recharge emotionally and creatively in the former which will affect both my capacity in my business and my employment dayjob. I can't possibly predict how long I'd need to be poor in the latter which stress me out financially till I cannot enjoy doing my business or performance arts. My parents will also kill nag me if I choose the latter as they are typical Chinese-ed parents who insists on money, status and everything practical for their children.

How now brown cow???

I need an anomaly to hit me & break this cycle before I go mad juggling so many things. Anomaly, anomaly... where art thou??

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