Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Beyond tom yam & green curry

I've been to Bangkok many times, but my last trip was different. Had the opportunity to experience many non-stereotypical Bangkok things thanks to Natasha. Living there for several years, she's practically a local there. And this trip, I kinda fell in love with Bangkok... now I wish I can too, can live there for several years.

It is such an inspiring city... the experiences, the diversity, the food and of course, the wonderful people there. I feel that whenever I have a dry-season for inspirations from now on, all I need is to hop on an Air-Asia flight there and soak in the over-flowing inspirations over there.

Firstly, the food!! Whenever Malaysians think of Thai food, it's always tom yam, green curry and mango salad. Erm... newsflash, there is more to Thai food than 3 measly dishes. No doubt, their tom yam is still wayyyyy better than those in KL, but if you are there, do take the opportunity to experience the gastronomic burst of diversity. The only teeny weeny thing is that they eat a lot of bean sprouts and me, being anti-bean sprouts had to painstakingly pick out all the bean sprouts. I must must learn how to say "no bean sprouts" in Thai.

Gosh! I think I shall continue about the creativity and the arts in Bangkok in the next post... this post is makin' me huuungry!!!!!

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