Saturday, April 07, 2012

Dine in the Dark

I had the opportunity to experience Dine In The Dark during my Bangkok trip. It was a nice fine dining place at The Ascott, but I had no clue what the restaurant looks like except for the fact that it was filled with curtains/veils on the inside.

It was a strange yet enjoyable experience. It really showed me how dependent I am on my sight... my sight affects how I taste, how I hear, how I speak, how I feel and how I think. They are all linked whenever we experience anything in our daily lives. When you take out one of the elements from that linkage, you make the whole experience unfamiliar and strange.

8 of us went for this dinner and I only knew Natasha... the rest were strangers to me. That made the experience even more interesting for me. We were all led into the restaurant and to our seats by our blind waiters. The waiter also explained to us what was in front of us, where are our glasses: water and wine, where are all our cutlery, and he always tells us when he was serving us each of our course. But never does he describe what he is serving us.

I knew Natasha sat next to me but I didn't know who sat in front of me. So the conversation started with an intro as usual... erm... not quite so usual.

Me: "hi, I am Karynn" 
A voice in the dark: "hi, I am Ben" 
Me: "hi Ben, erm... sorry but I'm not sure which one was you as I was introduced to 6 new people all at once and I haven't quite placed the names on the faces yet." 
A voice in the dark: "It's ok, I don't know which one was you either, I am the only one here who does not work at whisper"
Me: "whisper???" 
A voice in the dark: "Ya"
Me: "... ... ..." (In my head I was wondering what he was saying) "I know Natasha from University, she's the only one I know here, the rest of you work with her at that World Society of Protection of Animals right?"
A voice in the dark: "That's whisper (WSPA). I don't work there, I am a photographer"
Me: (ting! lightbulb... oh WSPA, duh!)
Then there was the appetizer:

Me: "hmm, is this chicken?? eh, there is some crispy stuff on it...  what is that?' 
Natasha: "er, dunno, but it's definitely chicken. But sometimes I end up with nothing on my fork"
Me:  "hey, this salad portion must be huge, it seems to go on forever" (hmmm, how big is this bowl anyway, raba-raba the bowl. where in the world are the veges, lantak, probe in with fingers at a fine dining restaurant...muahahah nobody will know)
A voice in the dark: "I think I will use my fingers... since no one can see anyway"
Me: "Ya ya!! I already am. It's so much easier" (*grin*, macam la orang nampak)
Then, the main course:
Me: (sniff sniff) "how come got no smell??"
Natasha: "Is it pork??"
Me: (nom nom nom) "Hmmm, maybe... but the sauce is so sweet"
A voice in the dark: "I think it is duck"
Me: (nom nom nom, eh eh... it IS duck. ) Oh yeah, it IS duck! (shucks, I can't tell pork from duck?? @.@)

The dessert:
Me: "Oh, I taste bananas and ice cream!! yum... and some crispy stuff"
Natasha: "Is there cake??"
Me: "Dunno, I think I'm gonna use fingers again"
There were parts of conversation which was really strange because I could not see if the voice in the dark heard what I was saying, so I stopped halfway... until he asked more questions. Wasn't sure if people were talking to you or to the person next to you or next to them. All you hear are voices, you can't see the direction they are looking at, the expression on their face and everything.

We finally came out and saw the food displayed in light at the reception!!! Wooohooo, light & sight never felt so good before!!! We had a Chinese chicken salad with deep fried meehoon, then duck with a fruity sweet sauce, and a cake thingy with vanilla ice cream and bananas.

What I learnt?? Don't take your sight for granted!!!! And don't just depend on sight, all your other senses are just as important!

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