Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hit the ground running!

Finally, I have registered for the 2013 Standard Chartered KL Marathon!!!!

Mampus... some crazy voice inside my head told me to do that and I don't know why I listened. I already have knee problems and I have just turned 35. If I live to 70, this is exactly midpoint. Yes, may be that crazy voice in my head has a name: mid-life crisis. First, I took an artsy sabbatical, now I wanna run 42.195 kilometres around KL.

While I'm at it... I might as well give myself a reason behind this crazy torturous journey. Please help me motivate myself by supporting The National Autism Society of Malaysia by going to my Runner's Profile page. Ta-da!!

Then, please click on this nice big blue "donate" button on that Runner's Profile page to donate:

Registration and the motivation behind it are just the beginning of the torture journey... now comes the training.

The crazy training calendar
I've already gotten a headstart and pre-train before I flag-off my training.
Week -2: total 7.5 km only.
Week -1: total 22 km only.

Next week will be Week 1... when the sweat, tears and blood begins! Look on the bright side, at least I can eat mother-loads of carbs and not get fat. ;-)

I'd better hit the ground running, wish me luck & support my cause!!!! :D :D

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