Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The Non-Profit Way of Life

The beauty of having a super diversified life is that whenever you feel down about 1 part of your life, you still have other stuff to bring you up!!! In life, look hard enough and you'll find things to be thankful for. (It's also true on the flipside, look hard enough for negativity and grouses, you'll find it too.)

These last few months as StART has been the best training ground to build the sense of gratitude. In a non-profit organization, you learn that in profit-making organizations, you have wayyyyy tooo much to be thankful for. But it is that heightened sense of entitlement that hinders people from seeing the blessings in their lives.

In a non-profit organization, you depend on the kindness, favour and generosity of others to get things done. You cannot afford to just buy services, things and favours because you have little means and resources. For example, my baby: The Unexpected Guest.
my maiden CSR project!
Writing it was the easiest part because I get to do that myself without having to be at the mercy of others. It was after the writing, the challenges started.

Look for a venue sponsor > > Set a tentative date for event > > Look for a director and a team of cast (for free) > > Venue sponsors pull out > > Look for new venue sponsor > > New venue available on new date > > Revert to director and cast > > Team cannot make it on the new date > >  Look for new director and cast > > Arrange rehearsals > > Do PR and marketing > > Find sponsors > > Invite important influential people > > Sponsors agree to help > > Accommodate sponsors' requests > > > > > > > > > > > 
Yes, it is overwhelming... truly like trying to eat a whole cow!!

In profit-making organizations, they always say you cannot please everyone... but here... erm, you really kind of have to please everyone. Remember, they are not obligated to help you in any way.

Another important learning is that, "if you don't ask, the answer is always no." You can and should never ever judge a person's kindness or generousity before approaching them. That's the non-profit philosophy of muka-tembok-ism. ;-) Seeking sponsors, inviting press/media and inviting VVIP guests... all require this handy little philosophy. 
I hope she comes!! fingers & toes crossed! :) :)
Thankfully, after all the craziness... we now have The Star and Hot Magazine as our official media partner, gadget freebies & loans from Samsung, data-lines from Maxis, partial venue sponsorship from PJ Hilton, our marketing material design & printing from Tang's Art, a whole bunch of volunteers, and more exciting stuff from kind & generous folks from all walks of life. How bout that to be thankful for?? Exciting no?? :) :) :)

Next week, is the press conference... wish me luck!! @.@

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