Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Picture Perfect

Have you ever awaken in the morning with the feeling that you have the best life in the world? That there isn't a single thing you want to change? That you are happy, contented and feel so thankful to God for everything you could cry? That your life is picture perfect!

I have. I had it for a whole year! I am very fortunate. (or unfortunate maybe?) Because that blissful feeling is etched so deeply in your soul that you will remember it for life. And going back to imperfection feels wrong. Now what can I do to fix this imperfection and make it picture perfect again?

Having a picture perfect life is different for everyone.
For me it's; more time with God, more time with hubby, more time for family, more time for arts, more time for friends, more time for my cats, more fulfilling social or community work & more meaning to life.

Picture perfect indeed 

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