Friday, October 04, 2013

What If: The Journey

What began with a blip of a thought in my head has bloomed into a living breathing thing on stage. Isn't that amazing? I'm sad that the journey has come to and end... as usual, it's post production syndrome.

I remember looking desperately for a director and musical director as I always believe it is better to have others execute your vision to help suss out the blind spots. Thankfully, I have an uber talented family... hehehe. My sis-in-law, Hilda agreed to direct it!!!

Then came the audition. We spotted a few talents that we liked and approached them. Vanessa was recruited immediately. But our other chosen actors did not accept. As luck would have it, we bumped into a last minute auditionee on the way out of klpac and saw one last auditionee perform. And that was how we got our leading lady, Vivian. Our leading guy pulled out, and in the end we got Vanessa's boyfriend Nick to join us. It's the second time I'm working together with Nick. That, was how our cast came together in the end. What an awesome group it was... 3 triple-threats.

I still could not find a musical director and had to step in as the last resort. Thank God I found an awesome pianist to co-musical direct with me, Elaine. I wanted a cellist but the first 2 I approached couldn't or wouldn't do it. My bff Hazel suggested her fellow sunday school teacher, Siaw Wei and she agreed!! Along with Elaine's bf Francis on bass, we had a full band!!

(picture courtesy of

(picture courtesy of
Although we didn't win any awards this year, I was still darn proud of what the team did... music or acting. Seeing how wonderful and moving Nick Choo's piece was (winner of 8 awards!), it has inspired us to want to work harder and want to be better. He was the one who taught me about rhythm, inflection and all that jazz 3 years ago at the Short and Sweet Workshop. I wouldn't have started writing or composing if not for him in the first place.

Everytime I watched it, I had a whole community of butterflies in my stomach... Have always loved that feeling when I was performing. Never thought I'd get that from writing... I love it too. I guess this is only the beginning of more awesome things to come!!! Enjoy!!

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