Monday, February 17, 2014

♩ ♫ ♬ ♩ My epic Valentine ♩ ♫ ♬ ♩

In January, hubby had a eureka moment and decided to plan this year's Valentine's Day for us eventhough it's not his turn. We have this arrangement where we take turns every year to plan Valentine's Day so that not only is it fair, but we have an unspoken competition to outdo or out-love each other. ;-)

He created the event page and left me clues every week, sometimes more than 1 clue per week.
First clue were the colourful refreshing fruits.

 Then, in no particular order there were Wong Ah Fook, Parameswara, Ash Burn and Chilli Crab

 Then came the hardest clue of them all, a love poem.

And a platipus
It seemed like a bunch of random stuff that didn't make any sense to me. Except I connected the Wong Ah Fook, Parameswara and Sultan Abu Bakar (Ash Burn) to going southbound but I had thought we were going on a cuti-cuti Malaysia journey southbound and make our way back up to KL.
V-day came, and we carried our bagpacks and started walking from home ala Amazing Race. The weeks of anticipation had already made it epic before it began. It was so exciting. We then boarded a cab, he told me to tell the cabby where we were going... I looked back at him and told the cab driver "er, KL Sentral" and looked back at him. He asked if I was sure it was KL Sentral, I said 70% sure. Since he made me pack my TouchnGo card, I deduced a train-ride involved. It turned out he said we didn't use the TouchnGo anyway. From KL Sentral, again he asked where should we go next? I was only 50% sure this time, it could be a KTM train outstation or it could be LCCT. 

As we made our way down to the airport shuttle busses, I found out we were going to LCCT.

At the airport, he was too relaxed and we took our time with lunch and 2nd round lunch for him. I knew our flight was not so early, so I guess, not the Penang or KK flight which was too early. And we cannot be leaving the country because he did not specify to pack my passport. It must be a domestic flight.

So many flights, yang mana satu??? With the earlier clues connecting Johor and Melaka, I deduced that it had to be Johor since Melaka had no flights.

As we made our way inside the boarding area, he still hadn't shown me the ticket. He asked how sure I was about Johor, I said, 60% due to the clues. I deduced that we will not fly back but take a bus northbound after Johor so that we can go to Melaka, our favourite foodspot on the way back, hence the Parameswara. Ok, my history really really sucks back in school. I wasn't sure about any of my hypothesis but I sure was excited no matter what it was.

Finally I managed to peek at the ticket and saw the number... Indeed Johor was the right answer!!!
Our flight called for boarding anyway, so I would've known sooner or later.

Arrived in Senai!! What the hell will we do in Johor?? Or is it just the starting point of the journey? he said the he will give me a note to let me know what else is in store once we reach the hotel.

The first few clues started to unravel and make sense, we went to Jalan Wong Ah Fook, and checked into Citrus Hotel!!! Hmm, checking in to Johor does not sound like it's a starting point of a journey northbound.

Lo and behold, he showed me a Singapore Dollar "note". Then I asked how??? I didn't bring my passport. Guess who stole it?? I didn't even know he knew where I kept it. Moreover, I don't always keep my passport in the same place due to convnience, laziness or procrastination. Even I have to hunt for it when I need it usually.

We walked over to the CIQ and were on our way! The immigration officer asked for my address in Singapore eventhough it was a day-trip. Errr... I bet if he was one of those guys in "Lie to Me" he would've caught me. I said "Marina Bay Sands" with so little conviction that my acting teacher would cringe. I suspected we'd be watching a show. Why else would we go to Singapore... takkan la food?? he let me pass anyway. Phew!
I am ready to go over the causeway!
Past the causeway, a couple of MRT rides and voila... we were in Bugis Junction. As we walked around, he said that I had to find our dinner spot as he is not going to lead me there. Let me see... Chilli Crabs?? That would be in Clark Quay. Not right. So I went through the shop directory and saw... jeng jeng jeng!!! 

So, that's why the random platipus swimming photo was about. The place was lovely and quiet. Our table was ready for us as he had already made reservations.

The smug planner and the happy traveller. :) The pasta was great... there were many many choices and I had this truffle carbonara thingy that was yumz!

He gave one last clue about what we will be watching... something to do with rain. I said "Singing In the Rain?" I didn't want to use roaming data so I can't google what was on in Singapore at the time. He didn't seem convinced and it suddenly hit me..."the rain in Spain stays mainly on the plane". We are watch my childhood favourite "My Fair Lady"!!!!
My Fair Lady! Wouldn't it be lov-vely... lov-vely?? Turns out the love poem was Audrey Hepburn's favourite. It was even read at the funeral. Lovely.

Everything revealed itself... not all at once, but layer by layer, like an onion. Making that reeling feeling last longer. And you just want to savour every waking moment.

I love you Alvin... more and more each year. Only you know me like the way you know me, only you can love me the way you love me. ❤ I LOVE YOU!!! ❤

OMGEEEEEEE... next year is my turn to plan. How to out-do this??? @_@ But I think it's uber cool that we compete to love each other better, that way... we keep getting better at it. Right? ❤

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