Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I remember one time I attended Azyei's class kat Manulife. Told her I looked up d FF website schedule dulu before coming. Then she said "Eh? you pun pilih-pilih instructor? I tot ur bf is GXC, should be neutral?" My bf being in da instructors' circle doesn't mean I am.

I am anything BUT neutral. I luv Azyei & Leo's Bodyjam classes da most although I don't get to attend it often. Definitely more than the hazardous glamourous Kylie or Tracy's class despite getting to preview new releases.

I have my own classification of instructors:
A. Love it, love it, love it!
B. Like da class... fun.
C. Huh? Nobody else ar? Oh well, at least I get to workout.
D. Never will I attend this class again!!

***but because bf is in da instructors' circle I can't name da instructors within each classification.

Yup, I am still very much a gym member... and I like to pilih-pilih da classes by instructors I like and skip da classes by instructors I don't like. After all, I am paying to go to class, not getting paid to. :)

And just saw from Leo's blog that my 2 fav's are not going to launch this time :( Oh well, I don't like attending launches that much anyway.... quite hazardous too.


Leonora Halim said...

aiyoh... tak mo pi launch ker... ok loh... come summit lah 9/9/07 7.30pm :)

Ken said...

Err.. so i fall into category C? Thats why u come to my class on tuesday? Huhuhuhuhuuh... cry....