Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Staying awake

Just got back from Kuantan... normally I'd fly but thought I'd try driving this time round. It wasn't too bad. Highway all the way. But the once problem I normally have driving long distance on a looooong straight boring highway is... I get incredibly sleepy. zzzzzzzzzzzz...

So this time, I took measures to make sure I stay awake and alert. And it worked! I wasn't sleepy at all throughout the whole journey. Just thought it'd be good to share my tips with all you long distance drivers out there... looking at the increasing rate of fatal accidents.

Tip #1:
Listen to JJ & Rudy on if it is a morning drive. They'll crack you up. Laughing your head off is a great way to stay awake.

Tip #2:

Drink Essence of Chicken to keep you bright and alert!

Tip #3:

Have your very own in-car karaoke fest. Try to sing the back-up parts instead of the melody. The melody comes as a reflex action but singing the harmonization takes effort and keeps your brain working. Just imagine being the back-up singer for your favourite artist!

Tip #4:

Have a can of coffee drink ready in case you feel a yawn creeping up.

Tip #5:

Whenever a GX song comes on the radio try and visualize d moves. A virtual workout! Sometimes you get so engrossed it becomes not so virtual... as long as one hand is kept on the steering wheel. ;p

Drive safe!! :)


SC said...

Err...your pics were taken at home,kan? HHehehehe...the background of your neighbours clothes drying sorta gave it away. Who took the pics la? Shades?

kt said...

yeah, took @home. driving sorang-sorang on da road how to take? bukan shades take la, d wonders of da self-potrait mode on my digicam! :D

Leonora Halim said...

tip #5 is a default to me at the beginning of each new release.. especially when:
1. stuck in jam
2. traffic lite stop (USJ beside summit very long one)
he he...

tankiasu said...

Hiya. First time dropping by here. :)

JJ said...

Thank you for making us number one on staying awake. You ROCK