Friday, August 10, 2007

Life revamp?

Lately, I've been feeling really bored... of my life... of it staying put, exactly how it has been for the past 3 years. Personal, career, spiritual... nothing has changed. Nothing has progressed.

Most people I know have a certain comfort zone they like to stick to. Generally people do not like change.

But I am weird different. I crave change. I need change. I need progress, new developments! Routines bore me to death...

I remember 3 years ago I felt the same thing. In 2004, I had a new dog, new car, moved to a new house, in a new area, got a new bf, and accepted a new job (but only started in early 2005). Yup, that was an exciting year!!

What changes can I make this time? What kind of life-revamp can I make this time round?

Been going around surveying for a good MBA course with a friend. Perhaps start studying again is a good change?
But have not found one which is well-recognized, has a good ranking, offered locally and has a class schedule that does not clash with my church Sunday services.

Been getting calls from head-hunters lately from both Malaysia and Singapore. Perhaps a change of scene career-wise? Or a move to the neighbouring country?
But all the calls were for companies I am not the least bit interested in.

Been planning a vacation to Japan this year end with a friend from the States. Perhaps an exotic vacation is what I need?

I really don't know what is it that I need to bring that spark back into my life. 3 years ago could be a quarter-life crisis but now I am 3 years older, shouldn't I be more mature and more stable, takkan got 2nd round quarter-life crisis????

Will keep on searching for the answer...

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SC said...

I also...very morning wake up to same routine..feel bored. How ah?