Monday, December 28, 2009

Workout fueled by fantasies

Hubby always blogs about fitness and gym stuff. Here's my turn... from a regular gym member's point of view.

Why do I only go for 3 types of classes and treadmill?
- Bodyjam (is da BEST!!!)
- Bodycombat

People say "reality bites". Which is rather true as nothing in this world is every perfect. Reality means you need to accept the good along with the bad in everything. But in fantasies, you control what happens. You determine what's in it. You can be doing anything you want, anywhere you want, with anyone you want.

In the dance inspired Bodyjam, you can imagine that you are performing on a big fancy stage ala the Grammy's or in Broadway. Or your shakin' ur bootie to a hot raggaeton beat in Miami's hottest club. Or you are the back up dancer to Gwen Stefani in her Japan tour concert! It doesnt matter how you dance in reality, all that matters is that you eat, drink and breathe dance in your fantasy. You can be THE best in your fantasy. It's your fantasy, you can even BE Gwen Stefani if you want. ;)

In the more aggressive Bodycombat, you can be fighting side-by-side with Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan or d hot Jet Lee! Or you could be in the boxing ring muay thaying someone in the beautiful Thailand. Even something a little closer to home, you can be punching the guts out of your boss or your most annoying customer. Wouldn't that be fun? :p

In RPM, you can ride in the wind across the Himalayas... or if you are more imaginative like me, you could be riding out at sea or even in outer space!! You can close your eyes and just go by the sound of the instructor's voice. There is never any traffic, there is never any risk of hitting anyone or anything if you close your eyes. If you're a romantic, like me, you can be cycling in the rain in black and white!! lol!

Finally, there's the treadmill. I can close my eyes and be running along the canal in front of d place I was staying in Glasgow. Beautiful!!!

Isn't that more fun than the reality of just going to them gym, working out on a yoga mat/step-board and exercising those calories away????

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