Sunday, January 03, 2010

Tong Sampah, where art thou?

Went to Chee Cheong Kai wt hubby for d infamously spicy grilled fish & seafood the other day. As always, this place brings back a very nostalgic feel of KL in the past. Still remember the very same shop my family used to go and buy Chinese New Year decorations without fail every year. The shop is still around, I just wonder what they sell the rest of the year????

Anyway, after having a nice cool cup of soy bean milk... I was looking for a place to throw away the empty cup. Mana tong sampah???

As the government tells people to take care of the city's cleanliness and not litter, they forgot that in order for people to comply to that, they would first need to provide more trash cans around the city.

As we looked through every corner and every street... all we saw was:

DIY tong sampah a.k.a. lantai??

Bukit sampah?

Trolley sampah?

Oi!!! Tong Sampah!! Where art thou?

Alas, upon walking out of the Kiew Brothers yoke gon shop... we saw it, standing mightily at the corner. You can almost hear the heavenly hosts sing and an aura of light surrounding it.

The one and only Tong Sampah in Petaling Street!!!

p.s.: DBKL flers, if you are reading this, please please, invest on some tong sampahs around the city ok?

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