Saturday, January 16, 2010

Useless Maxis vouchers

Just received this from Maxis in the mail several days ago...

pretty wrapping

pretty booklet, printed on expensive-looking paper

quite a lot of pages too

Let's see what are the vouchers inside??? Does it really matter if they were vouchers from shops that you would go to when....

one expires 31st Jan 2010

another one expiring 31st Jan 2010

as I looked on... it gets even better...

31st Dec 2009!!

Another 31st Dec 2009

Then what is the point!!! What a big fat waste of perfectly good trees and more of the earth's resources!!! Don't these people at least think first then do? Having customer retention programs for the sake of having isn't going to help you retain customers. In fact, it makes it worse when they do moronic things like this. So, Maxis flers... if you are reading this, take this as a big fat customer complaint!!!

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