Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dare to Dream

Every year most companies will have their annual dinner. It is the chance for people to get dressed to the nines and have a good time together outside of the office. Some have fancy themes: Bollywood night, Arabian nights, Latin Salsa, Beach Luau... etc. Others are just glamourous red-carpet-esque events.

We do that too...

Da Malaysian Dream Team

My ex-monkey :p

Every man's fantasy... hot nurses! ;-)

Me & my renal gals!!

Da man we will all miss, sobs

Charlie's angels?

Vivian & moi

da man who signs our paycheques... our finance mgr flanked by 2 pretty gals

But... instead of having dress themes, we have inpiration themes. Every year, our director shares stories about inspirational people that motivates him to be the best and in turn cascade down that inspirational feeling down to all of us at the country level as well. Last year's theme was Reaching New Heights. This year's is Dare to Dream.

Rather than setting a ridiculously high target and commanding us to do it... the leaders have put it in such a lovely way... inspiring us to achieve the company's objectives. It's not "we need to make more money to keep shareholders happy" but "we can build outstanding careers, make a meaningful difference to patients' lives & to society by creating more jobs as our business grows." Clever, very clever! Who wouldn't want to be a part of that?

We even had an inspirational guest:

Mark Inglis

Mark flanked by my boss & me

He lost both his legs from the knee down from frostbite, being stranded up an icy cold mountain for 14 days!! Did he wallow in his own self pity party? No! Did he give up his mountaineering dreams??? Absolutely NO!!

Mark conquered Mount Everest without legs!! It was not an easy task at all even for normal able bodied people like us. On the way down... his knee stumps were bleeding buckets due to the pressure of his weight on his prostetic leg sockets! He still climbed up to the summit and made it back down to share his story with his family, with the world! He even used his super inspirational story to help other people who are unfortunate and started Limbs 4 All.

What is our daily struggles compared to that???

I don't think anyone in the room felt stressed by the new sky high targets for the company. Everyone came out inspired to outdo that target set. Myself included. Eventhough I've been in the company for 5 years, I am still impressed. Here's to a great 2010 where dreams become reality!

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