Saturday, December 03, 2011

Klue, Doh!!

Last night was our last day off from Malaysian Girls rehearsals before intensive rehearsals leading to the bump-in & opening night next week. What do a bunch of entertainers do on their day-off? Be entertained of course.

Practically half our cast including my hubby & me went for the Preview Nite of Klue, Doh! at the Black Box, MAP Solaris Dutamas, Monk Kiara.

Our fellow Malaysian Girl, the beautiful Shiva was the Asst Production Manager for this show... and seeing her excitement in working for this show has got us all excited as well. It is an investigation of the murder of Datuk Jackson Mo Lest Ting who was a terrible man that everybody would love to kill. The question was, who???

It was an interesting concept... unlike other shows the audiences are split into 2 groups:

I was in the Witness group and we first had the view of the the crime scene, Datuk Jackson's Study room where his body lay face down, lifeless... played by Ui Hua. I really wonder how someone can lay face down for 2 whole hours!! But that's besides the point. We first witnessed the demure Indon-maid Gangbang Sukajolo Suprianto played by Nabihan Yaacab suspiciously cleaning up the crime scene with Datuk lying there lifeless with very obvious multiple possibilities of cause of death. She did a really awesome Indon accent I must say. Whilst she was doing all that, Datin Saras Mo, Datuk's bitter ex-wife played by Ann James was hiding right there in plain sight of us Witnesses ;-). Then a string of events happened in the Study to make us suspect practically EVERYONE in the story... the scoundrel Brother In-Law, Alagesen aka Alan Jason played by JD Menon... or even the gay wedding planner, Fleegan (not sure it that's how it's spelt) played by Jon Chew.  There were witty funny lines along the way to tickle your funny bone besides the investigation itself keeping you at the edge of your seat wondering whodunnit?? Small little clues were left for us to pick up on and watch out for. Just like in real life, many things happen all at the same time so you may miss some details while being distracted by some of the other characters on stage. I missed an important clue which my observant hubby picked up on. It ended with the investigating police, ASP Hamzah played by Iqmal Shafiq having a eureka moment about who the killer is but we still do not know who it is.

At the intermission, we swap places with the Suspects and the entire play is repeated again. Now, we had a view of the Living room. This time it just starts with Charity Ho Mun Mun, Datuk's young gold-digger fiance played by Davina Goh singing Beauty and The Beast. On this side of house, the other half of the story is revealed and we also had the chance to fill in some blanks that we could not see from the Study earlier. This side it also ended with the young Inspektor Paku played by Ley Shahrwind having his eureka moment about who the killer is. This time, we too put all the puzzle pieces together and figured out who the killer is!!!

It was genius!!! Whichever side you sit in, you will only be able to figure out who the killer is after you have watched both sides of the story all the way to the end. It is only then that all the bread-crumb trails of clues make sense and are pieced together in your mind to give you the whole picture and the truth... and it is you who get the Eureka Moment this time. Genius!! It the the same feeling I got as a kid reading Sherlock Holmes... only funnier. ;-)

If you can catch it, please go catch it!!! Details... click here!

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