Monday, December 26, 2011

The Asian Christmas for the White Chick

The Malaysian Girls had a day off for Christmas Eve. And what do a bunch of singing, dancing actors do on their day off?? Partay!!

Each of us was to prepare or buy a dish that shows off our Oh-So-Asian roots to our guest star from Australia, Zoe! And Siti Farrah was gracious enough to host the party & welcomed us to her home.

She really took the time & the effort to spruce up her place to the occasion... The Asian Christmas!! Look at all the tanglungs on the tables & fence!!

The boys helped her to pack up the goodie-bags... macam factory-line workers. hehehe

The cutesies joined in the party too, Suria!! Meeoooww

And Bibi... isn't he such a cuddle wuddly teddy bear???

We kept ourselves occupied with some games. This one is Innuendo, a game that forces us to think of "clean" explanation of suggestive statements... the least otak kuning person will win. Not easy when played with a bunch of otak kuning people. ;-)

2nd game, our least favourite... Trivia. We could hardly get any of the answers... this soooo proves that our Malaysian education system is an epic failure when it comes to general knowledge, geography, history, chemistry, etc etc... and even entertainment knowledge about movies, TV shows and all. @.@

We then introduced our Asian dishes one-by-one to Zoe to let her know how what all these food are. All home made stuff by the Malaysian Girls Cast!! Terra tak??

Even Zoe made something of her own, gingerbread!!! :)

I am very proud to have made Chikuteh for the very first time in my life, successfully!! My guru?? None other than good ol' Google!!!!

Merry merry Christmas!!!!...
From the cast of Malaysian Girls and friends!!! xoxo 

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