Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Beauty challenge

Estee Lauder is having another model search this year... who will be the next Malaysian Carolyn Murphy or better yet, Malaysian Liz Hurley (she is soooooo gorgeous!)???


I wanted to give them a challenge. Just how professional their make-up artists and photographers are? Can they really beautify everyone and anyone? Can photoshop fix anyone up to look model perfect? Let's look into my case study:

Prior to the photo shoot, I have committed all the beauty sins to prep myself up as the subject in this study.

Sin no 1:
Eat so much that you get all fat and bloated.
Methology-have a heavy meal after every 2 hours yesterday. This was easy as yesterday was the makan trip to Melaka with bf! Food must be high fat high carbs... consists of dim sum, chicken rice balls, nyonya food, satay celup and some light snacks light cendol in between meals.

Sin no 2:
Drink less water.

Sin no 3:
Get as much sun as possible so that skin tone is uneven and dark. This was already accomplished in KT last week.

Sin no 4:
Don't sleep adequately so that dark circles appear. Watched Spider-Man 3 at the cinema with bf at midnight yesterday. Slept at about 3++am.

As I arrived at Midvalley early this morning, I saw many women already there... from sweet young things to aunties all excited to be beautified then photographed. They all looked as amateur as me. None looked like glamourous models. Perhaps it their professional make-up, hair and photographer's job to change that.

This morning during registration at the Estee Lauder promo area...zzzzzzzzz

The "before" picture
This was after some iced mocha, at least eyes could open. Sat at the make-up high chair awaiting my make-up artist.

Other women being beautified

After I got my face painted with what felt like 1 gallon of ICI and had fake lashes glued uncomfortably on my eyelids, the hair stylist curled the ends of my hair for some waves.
The after picture?

Do I look like Carolyn Murphy?

The close up pic?

Argh!!! Ghost!

I really do not think that the after picture looks good. I prefer the sans make-up me. Not so scary. Perhaps I am just not used to seeing myself look like that.

As for the professionally taken photograph, I watched the guy photoshop my face to get rid of the scars, pores and uneven skin tone. The result:

Me? Er, you sure ar?

I'm not all that happy with the photo as it doesn't really look very me but it does bring us to the conclusion of this study:
Whatever beauty sins committed, the professionals can fix it!


Anonymous said...

err...I think you look better natural. Did the make over thingy before, ended up looking like a real malay girl. Specifically told the photoshop guy not to erase lines...otherwise, will look real fake. Which is what I think they tend to do, make your face as bland as possible, wipe out all your features and then draw in what they think is beautiful. Sad to say, everyone ends up looking the same, even 70 year old aunties look like we all had face lifts, and fake ones at that.

kt said...

yeah gal! agreed! they even make everyone pose d same positions.
ur rite, everyone ends up looking bland, fake and unnatural...

at least i got a pretty good deal 4 d products coz bsides d voucher, they gave us doorgifts! :)

HL said...

hi kt!

i think they failed to accentuate your best features and just applied the template they use on just about everyone. personally i think they should have focused on the fact you have a bright smile and a lovely set of teeth! and your hair looked better when you did it yourself!

at least you got all the other stuff, heh :)