Monday, May 14, 2007

Voter's rights?

Hmm... I am a registered voter. But my first voting experience several years ago was a really terrible one.

Step 1: Queue in a super long line.
Step 2: Find your name.
Step 3: Find out your name is listed to vote in which room.
Step 4: Take a serial number and go to that room.
Step 5: Queue again in a long line to enter that particular room.
Step 6: Find your name on the list at the registration counter in front of that room.... eh??? My name was not listed there. My number was not listed there.
Step 7: Please go back to step 1.

Forget it!!! That year, many did not get to vote due to all the mess in the system.

So before urging us to vote, please ensure the system well organized and managed as I do plan to exercise my right as a voter the next time round.

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Anonymous said...

I registered the year I turned 21, my dad dragged me to do it, saying it was my civic duty. Anyways, I have voted twice already, but I didn't have the probs you did. I did notice however that each polling station had a general demoghraphic, i.e certain age group and race...